Profile of LTI Danmark

LTI Danmark is a Danish trading company, working as an agent and wholesaler with sales of wood to timber merchants and industry. Primarily we deal with softwood, but through the last years, the sale of hardwood has increased.

We have our own sawmill in Latvia named Latvia Timber International. The sawmill has its own kiln, planning mill and component department. Latvia Timber International also produce ColourWood products.

LTI Danmark has its own staff employed in the Baltic countries, which buy specific products and continually perform quality control at our suppliers.

We offer all kind of components, glued products in many species of wood such as pine, spruce, birch, oak, ash and aspen etc. LTI Danmark strives to solve all kinds of individual tasks.

LTI Danmark has through its coorporation with sawmills I whole Scandinavia, a huge knowledge of sawmill production. This gives us the opportunity to solve many different tasks.

LTI Danmark strive to market and offer the right assortment for a specialized audience, consisting timber yards and the wood industry.

You are always welcome to contact our employees, if you have any questions or just need a good advice or instructions.

Best regards

LTI Danmark

Claus Madsen